In the bay of the Pacific, Taiji, Japan, a dolphin hunt takes place every year. This practise causes outrage in the international community!

This year, about forty dolphins were killed by the fishermen. The hunt was filmed by Sea Shepherd and the video is up on their website for anyone to watch.

During this massacre, the small bay in the South of Japan is red from all the blood. They are forced into this bay from where they cannot escape. Some of the dolphins are kept in captivity for several days and then sent to aquatic zoos. The others are killed for fish markets.

The massacre is of course done for money; $150, 000 is paid for a live dolphin and about $600 for a dead one. This is a major source of income for the local economy, but at what cost?

There are unfortunately still many battles to fight for the freedom of animals and to stop these inhumane acts! 

Source: Greenetvert

Photo Credit: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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