Wag The Dog UK is a great source for dog friendly travel, tasty home made dogfood, care for your dog and wagging reviews of dog friendly travels, toys and food! Here is the interview of Trina, a great entrepreneur!


Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I am an entrepreneur who has a business degree from the University of Washington. I'm also a former New York City real estate agent, and now an international consultant for select clients looking to buy in New York City. I spent over 15 years as a make-up artist internationally in fashion. My cat Max also traveled with me when I was on fashion shoots around the world. I started and sold a bath and body company, and have had great success in many other business ventures.

Although I have had many ventures in a variety of businesses, I've always had a deep love for animals and a knack for working with dogs. As a child, I learned to train, care, and travel with animals, and as an adult, I studied dog nutrition and dog training extensively. I share my love of animals with my mother and aunt, who is a dog breeder. After a lot of research I decided to create my own company focusing on my passion for dogs, the adventures of me and source out the best dog care, advice, news, and dog friendly travel possible!

An expert on traveling with a pet, I have brought my beagle Maggie to the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and all over the United States and other European cities. I have found through my travels that the best way to care for pets on the go is to be informed and cook their meals for them.

Besides running Wag The Dog UK, I'm in development of a new dog traveling case that has all your dog essential in a slim and beautiful case.

Why did you decide to create your company?
After traveling all over the place with Maggie and finding her suitcase was usually larger than mine. I decided to make a product that would address this issue. While in development, I decided to start Wag the Dog UK to share information about dog travel, home cooked food and great dog care. From there it has grown to by having companies wanting me to review products and sourcing out cool dog products.
[caption id="attachment_7457" align="aligncenter" width="416"]Trina and Maggie Trina and Maggie[/caption]
Was it difficult?
Yes... I started this company about 5 months before I became separated from my husband in Switzerland. So besides growing my business, I’ve also had to spend the last year on planning to get myself back home! However I would not change anything, due to it really helped me focus on goals that I thought were important to me and I have enjoyed the experience of diving in paws first!
What was your greatest challenge?
Finding the right team to produce my product. Finding great content for my blog. Learning SEO and connecting with the vast pet community online. Keeping the website fresh while growing the product end of the company.
What are your plans for the future?
We are launching our dog travel kit WAGN’ Go, this Summer and are in development of a line of dog treats and a dog gift box set store online.
What is your favorite pet product?
My favorite pet products are toys that make Maggie think and keeps her occupied! Kong is one of her favorites.
Discover Maggie and Trina's great blog here: Wag The Dog UK, and their Yummypets Page!

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