Hello Hoomans,

Gossip Kitty is back to tell you more about your favorite celebs' pets!

Today I would like to tell you about one of the most fab felines in the world: Kitty Purry. Rings a bell doesn't it? Kitty Purry is one of Katy Perry's cats, and surely the most popular.

Kitty Purry has even been nominated or a teen choice award for "best celebrity cat". What makes her so special? Well even thought she doesn't have any special powers (that we know of) she has wild haircuts, thanks to her famous owner!


So you could say she's an ordinary house cat... But although Kitty Purry's lineage isn't clear, she appears to be linked to the Maine Coon, the favorite cat breed in the USA, and Kitty Purry has singer Katy Perry's undying affection. This truth is another reason why she's so famous.

The singer even writes a blog named after her cat, and tweets a lot about her cat and their life!

Kitty Purry even inspired Katy Perry's first perfume, titled "Purr".

Gossip Kitty

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