Today, let's meet Daisy, a sweet black and white cat, whose mummy makes the most cutest photos of her!

When, where, how have you met your pet?

We met Daisy (and Misty) after a Google search to find a new kitten. We came across a post online for two abandoned kittens, and decided to go and view them. They were tiny! Only 6 weeks (approx.) old and were scampering around everywhere in the small house they were living in. Unfortunately, they had a big Rottweiler dog to deal with, not something a little kitten wants to mess with! We fell in love with them both instantly and felt we couldn’t take one and leave the other. So soon after we met them we took them home where they have been loved ever since.

Where does her name come from?

It comes from the flower, daisy, which she loves to nibble on in the summer. She was going to be called Princess or Chelsea, but the name Daisy stuck. But she also gets called nicknames such as ‘Penguin’ (she always goes out in the snow) and ‘Maisy’ (Maisy being the first letter of her sisters name so they become Maisy and Ditsy).


Tell us about a typical day with her?

After a night of sleeping on the windowsill (her 2nd favourite place, after lounging in the summer sun, some of which she’s been neglected of in winter! ) she wakes us all up (at the right time of course!) demanding for food and attention, which she soon gets. She then follows you about until you give in a play with her for a bit until she goes back to sleep or gazes at the fish longingly. She will then join us in the evening watching the TV (sometimes sitting in front) before following us upstairs for ‘dodo temps’!

What’s her silliest trait?

Opening any door she wants to so she can get our attention and sit by the fire. But also, chasing the computer mouse whenever she feels playful, she can be so adorable at times :)

What’s your best memory together?

The time when she was a kitten and decided it was a good idea to investigate the curtains. She managed to climb them after several attempts, but she got stuck. I rescued her and she curled up on my lap for a good doze after the climb. She now only hides behind the curtains, showing no incline to climb them again!

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