An Australian couple decided to take a photo of their new puppy each month and when they looked back on the photos they couldn’t believe how big she had become! The couple’s photos of Nasra growing up during the 6-month period are amazing to see.

The Photos

Ashley Lewis and Alex Dennison adopted little Nasra when she was just 8 weeks old. Being a German Shepard they expected her to be a big dog when fully grown, but they didn’t realise just how big she would get! They noticed her growth spurt when they looked back at the photos they had taken of her.


6 Months Older

In the photos Ashley is holding Nasra, she looks comfortable with the puppy in her arms in the first picture, but by the last she can barely pick Nasra up! Nasra, who is almost fully grown, gets through about 20kg of dog food a month. This is on top of other food and her treats! No wonder she is so big!


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