It is well known that cats rule the Internet... Well it isn't about time to change, with these  bizarre 'sushi cat' photographs that are amusing (and baffling) animal lovers around the world!

Finally, cats I'm allowed to eat...

The Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts features these Neko-sushis (litteraly cat-sushis) in a campaign, and these cats imposed onto sushi rolls have become an internet phenomenon! You can follow them on their Facebook page with thousands of fans and even buy their photos and postcards!

As a Dog, I must say I never really understood why you two legged people love cats so much... but today, dogs and humans finally agree: cats are food!

The company claims that Sushi Cats are actually a life-form that goes way back and that have been known to bring people luck in ancient Japanese folk tales. Dogs in ancient Japan must have eaten them all, that's why we haven't heard of Neko-sushis before...

Buddy, Dog Reporter

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