Animal shelters aren’t just for rescue kitties and pups. This beautiful lion is proof of that!

Illegally adopted

He was illegally adopted by a family in Texas who wanted their kids to have their very own Lion King. When they discovered that a wild animal doesn’t make a good housemate, they called numerous shelters to take him off their hands.


The team at In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center stepped up to the plate and took the lion in. They even gave him a cute name; Lambert!

A blanket changed it all

Lambert initially struggled to adapt to his new environment, and had high levels of stress and discomfort. An In-Sync worker, Vicky Keahey, decided to give him a blanket to comfort him. It did the trick, and since then Lambert goes everywhere with his beloved blankie!


Even as a grown, adult lion, Lambert sleeps with his blanket every night. There’s no telling where he would’ve ended up had the In-Sync team not taken him in. We’re so glad he’s living a healthy, happy life!

lion_sleeps_with_blanket_6_03_2016 lion_sleeps_with_blanket_5_03_2016 lion_sleeps_with_blanket_03_2016


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    Marla C It's a shame that people take these beautiful majestic creatures thinking they can be housepets!

    Moira M So cute.