Have you ever imagined what it would be like if your best friend wasn’t quite so small? What would your adventures have in store?

Armed with a camera and photoshop, Christopher Cline has found the answer and he’s taking his 114K Instagram followers with him on the magical journey.

The story of one man and his giant dog

Cline began editing photos of his faithful dog, Juji, then only a year old, during a harsh Minnesota winter. What began as a way to share funny pictures with his friends soon turned into a photo series that could melt the heart of even the toughest critic.

He transforms everyday situations into adventures by scaling his dog to gigantic proportions. Or, in some cases, scaling himself down to a miniature size.

He photoshops funny situations, snaps from films, even surreal images of a horse-sized Juji being ridden. However, it’s hard to deny that the most powerful images are those of the giant dog and his owner sharing quiet moments together.

Juji, the internet sensation

Since they began the project in 2015, Juji has become the subject of extraordinary photos that have captured the imaginations of thousands and it would seem he has quite the personality.

In one post, Cline affectionately refers to Juji as “a big baby”, saying “sometimes he scares himself when he barks. I didn't even know that was possible”. He seems all the more adorable when giving a gigantic cuddle!

Social media ups and downs

As for Cline, he regularly updates his fans about his life. On Instagram, he shares information about his photography; how he’s learning to use photoshop, the ups and downs of earning money from social media. It would seem business is going well, and there is even a Juji calendar available for sale in the USA.

Despite their online success, life in the spotlight can’t always be easy, and Cline has stated his distaste for media negativity several times. The caption on a recent photo stated “I refuse to be held down today by a world that seems to thrive on negativity. We're here to put smiles on faces.”

You don’t have to be a pet owner to appreciate Cline’s photography, but it certainly makes the photos all the more poignant.

Photo credit: @christophercline

Which adventures would you go on with a giant canine friend?

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