Today, Léo would like you all to meet his new Yummypals Guinness, Graeme, Orange and Alfie - four adorable guinea pig brothers!

Loved by mum and dad, these four gorgeous guinea pigs bring much joy to their humans. They also bring friendship to Léo and many other Yummypals.

Hear from mum about the lives of Guinness, Graeme, Orange and Alfie below!

When, where and how did you meet your guinea pig babies?

Guinness was picked out by my Husband and I at the pet shop in Belgium. Alfie, Graeme and Orange were given to us from a colleague who no longer wanted their Guinea Pigs.

Where do their names come from?

Guinness was named after the beer of the same name because he reminded us of a pint of Guinness. He is dark brown and bears a cream stripe all around his body! Our other pigs were given to us with their names and we did not change them. I suspect that Orange's name also came from his colour, and because he loves carrots!

Describe a typical day with your guinea pigs

During the week my Husband and I work a lot but the pigs are always the first and the last things I think of when we start or end our day!

First thing I do when I get up is to wake them up and feed them - takes about 10 minutes if you add the cuddles, ha! And then when we get home, first thing I do is to feed them their dinner. Then after dinner I like to relax on the sofa with them. But it can be quite challenging as they are all males and tend to fight for territory!

We have also travelled with them from Belgium to France to the UK, so they are very well travelled pigs! :)

What are their silliest traits?

Their pickiness for food! And when Guinness ventures to get the tissue out of my husband's tracksuit bottoms to munch on. So funny!

What’s your best memory together as a family?

The photoshoot at the pet shop for Christmas last year (main picture). They were dressed up with Santa hats. Such a memorable experience!!

We hope you loved getting to know a little more about these four beautiful brothers.

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