Do you remember Made In Pet? You know the delicious pet cupcakes that Luis and Foufounette tested. If you don't, the article is here!

These treats are always made in the South of France, the traditional way, with healthy and 100% natural ingredients from France.

Naughty, a beautiful 8 years old dog accepted with great pleasure to participate in the making of these delicious cupcakes previously tested by Luis, my Portuguese pal.

The program? A pet cupcake kit, to offer you the opportunity to cook at home, whenever you want! And as it 's nearly Christmas, this could be a great present for Fido!

The Made In Pet Kit is composed of a preparation (which you should mix with fresh products), a silicone mold for 9 cupcakes and paper cups in different pretty colors.

Just 5 minutes and it is ready! Mix the eggs, honey and butter and the preparation together, put in the paper cups, then into the molds, and hop in the oven !

Let the cakes cool down before giving them to Fido, and then let them enjoy! Naughty literally devoured them!


Think Made In Pets cupcakes for Christmas! Already prepared, or in a DIY kit, it is a great treat for your pooch and kitty!

The team speaks English, so for any questions you can contact them: +44 (0) 467 261 834

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