Slow-Bowl has created a bowl to manage your dog's food and digestion.

I am sure that, like me, your pet rushes to their bowl as soon as they hear the sound of kibbles. And of course,they have swallowed their kibbles without taking the time to chew, which sometimes causes vomiting.

Slow-Bowl has found the solution and now offers a bowl that forces your four-legged friend to eat their kibbles slowly. These bowls were indeed thought up so that your dog is forced to eat slowly because they cannot get a large amount of kibbles in one bite.


No more vomiting, you will finally have peace of mind when dinner time arrives... but it won't prevent your dog rushing to their food as soon as they are served!

And if this bowl doesn't suit your beloved pet, you can always take a look at our selection of bowls for each type of dog!

Source and photo credit: fraisfrais

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    Shara L That's a great ideal and invention