It is this week's breaking news, and it's a scandal!
Indeed, Marius, a year and a half old giraffe was killed in public then finished dismembered by wild beasts in Copenhagen Zoo.

The reason ? Avoid inbreeding which is strongly discouraged in the framework of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA), which sparked outrage and revolted animal advocates worldwide. An international petition has also collected more than 27,000 signatures as well as several offers to relocate Marius.

The controversy was fueled further with pictures and a video showing the killing of the baby giraffe.

Bengt Holst, scientific and director of the zoo, said he never considered canceling the killing, despite protests . "We were very firm, because we knew we had made ​​the decision on a factual and good basis. "

What do you think of this very surprising decision ?

Source: Le Parisien & Photo Credit: MetroNews

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