A group of young men became everyday heroes after they witnessed and revived a squirrel electrocuted in Columbia.

Young men to the rescue of squirrel

A group of young men were out in Cartagena, Columbia when they witnessed a squirrel be electrocuted on nearby power lines.

Rushing to its aid, the squirrel was found unconscious and not breathing. Stepping into action, one of the young men began gently compressing the squirrel's chest in an attempt to revive its heart.

After a few minutes, the squirrel began to respond. Appearing dazed but breathing again, the squirrel took a few moments to gather itself before dashing off again.

Whether the squirrel knew exactly what happened we'll never know. But we do know there are some heroic young men out there who should feel proud for saving its life.

Video of the squirrel's revival can be seen here.

Source: Bored Panda

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