Cesar Millan is a professional dog trainer. He became very famous in the United States and many other countries, thanks to his show "The Dog Whisperer".

Cesar Millan is an expert in his field. In 2002, he created the Dog Psychology Center  to focus on the rehabilitation of "aggressive" dogs.

"I rehabilitate dogs and educate owners." Cesar Milan

He is also the author of several books for education, understanding and canine communication.

Cesar Millan : l'homme qui parle aux chiens

My opinion:

I've been watching his shows for a while and I must admit he has a gift of understanding and observation of the dog world that is quite impressive. He managed to correct situations that seem impossible and allowed many dogs to avoid a tragic end.

Browsing the net, I found that Cesar Millan had its fans but also critics, I'm interested in why and how.

Many people claimed that Cesar hit the animals to educate them. So I looked more closely and looking at a "compilation" I saw that, indeed, his gestures are a bit ambiguous for my taste. The shot is not very 'violent', its purpose is not to hurt the dog just to calm down and get his attention.

I watched a video where Cesar Millan responded to this and said that basically, it was HIS method and that if you didn't like it, there are others. In the last season of his show, I did not seen him "hit" any dog... His method probably evolved.

I think it is best to avoid violent acts towards dogs and promote positive education. Sometimes situations can become uncontrollable, so I cannot judge and say that some educators are monsters... as I have read on the net. What would you do if a dog starts to attack you?

The monsters are the people who teach their dogs to become aggressive without valid reasons (eg. dog fighting), animal traffickers, people who torture animals because it's fun... all that is far from Cesar Millan who loves animals.

Cesar Millan : l'homme qui parle aux chiens


I'm not a fan of Mr Cesar Millan, but I learned a lot about dog psychology, how to understand dogs and educate them...

One of the most important things I learned is that our dogs feel all our emotions, therefore, in many situations where we have a problem with our dog things, the problem often comes from us.

Do you know Cesar Millan? What do you think of him?

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