Because we love spoiling your pets, here is an easy DIY to create a nice treat jar! Of course it's so cute you can use it for anything!

What you need:
- A clean pot, with labels removed
- A small figurine in the form of animal (if it looks like your pet it's even better)
- A hot glue gun + glue or super glue
- Spray paint (here we used the silver color to match the cooking equipment)

1. Heat your glue gun, or make sure you have super glue. Be sure to screw the lid on the jar and test how you want the model to hold. Carefully glue the figurine on the lid of the pot. Let the glue dry.

2. Spray paint on the lid and the figure in a well ventilated area. Let it dry and make alterations if necessary. It can be difficult to cover every corner of the figure, so make sure everything is covered with paint.

3. Let everything dry thoroughly before screwing the lid on the pot and put the treats inside. That's it! Easy and cute, right?

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