Two adorable kittens were found along a deserted road. The unlucky baby cats were without their mother and had to fend for themselves. No one wanted to adopt them…

Until a young man decided to change their sad story.

chaton adoption

A sad winter's tale

It was during a glacial night on Long Island near New York that this story took place. The kittens had neither food nor shelter. At the end of the day, the kittens were still there - no one wanted to take them in. Until a young man intervened…

Hank took the two little fur balls back to his and the very next day they had their very first trip to the veterinary. According to the animal doctor, the kittens seemed to have been alone for a while given their state.

A sign of destiny!

Hank took the two kittens back to his and decided to give them a bath in order to clean them. The kittens were starving, so he fed them as well.

For the first time in their short lives the two kittens had a warm and safe place to go to sleep with a full belly.

Hank quickly found a loving family for the grey kitten, but when it was Louie's turn to join a family, the kitten hatched his own scheme.

"In the mornings he would climb into bed with us, purring and asking for affection," explained Hank.

"He snuck around to follow us no matter which room we went to. In fact, he chose me as his pet parent and not the other way around!"

chaton adoption

"Louie was brave and lively. He threw himself at the food when we found him because he was starving."

"He didn't have an fear and was curious about all that surrounded him. They first time I saw him he was playing with  a stone in the cold."

chaton adoption

This little kitten loves cuddles, especially with Hank.

"He likes me because I feed him and because I'm in some ways his slave! He wants to act like he's the boss of his house, but he's always an adorable fluff ball."

chaton adoption

Louie napping on his favourite pet parent.

chaton adoption

 He's always in need of cuddles!

 chaton adoption

 The moment Hank steps into the house, it's playtime for Louie! He loves having his belly scratched.

chaton adoption

The little kitten has grown a lot according to his pet parents, Hank and Jenny, and he gives them company and affection.

chaton adoption

Now that he is an adult, Louie has also found it in his heart to love another cat that they adopted and called Zoe.

"He loves his little sister Zoe more than anything else and even leaves her his food. He grooms her when he can. It's hard to imagine that for the first day, they hated each other!" explained Hank.

chaton adoption

Follow the adventures of Louie and Zoe on Instagram: @heiiolouie

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