If you love jewellery, accessories and animals then this is for you! A company called Friendship Collars sells the most amazing collars for pets and matching bracelets for their owners.

Friendship bracelets

If you and your pet are besties, then this collar-bracelet combo should definitely be on your Christmas list this year. The collars range in size, so your cat, dog or pet pig can all wear them! They all have matching bracelets for you to wear too. They even have leashes, extra bracelets and collar tags for if you want to go all out!


Bright and interesting colours

Friendship Collars have outdone themselves with the patterns and colours; they are bright and interesting! With such a large range to choose from, there is something for everyone. Ranging from pink and girly to black with polka dots, you will be sure to find something.


Animal friendly

The collars and bracelets are made from animal friendly vegan leather, and there are 8 sizes available. The Friendship Collars are available on Etsy.

Which collar-bracelet combo is your favourite?

Source: Bored Panda

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