Only 2 weeks left until Christmas! And since your little fur ball is part of your family, why wouldn't it have a gift waiting for it under the tree?

To help you spoil your pet, here are Leo's best suggestions:

1) Collar "shirt collar"  with leather butterfly bow embroidered black. DotDog £115.60

2) Customizable medals for small dogs or cats. Cherry Dog - From £8.85 to £17.70

3) Adorable pink pick- up poop  knot or dog-head shaped! Comes with a recharge of 10 bags. Cherry Dog - pink £8.85 and knot £16.50

4) Kitty or doggy box. Doggy Box - £12 per month

5) Christmas Pudding Dog (cereals flavored with meat). Toutourazzi - £6.36

6) Christmas ball biscuits for dog  283g. Toutourazzi - £6.85

7) Cozy niche for cat or small dog. Zooplus - £16

8) Set of 10 Christmas toys for cats. Zooplus - £3.21

9) Set ''The Christmas Cat Malice''. Zooplus - £68.30

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