You should never underestimate a dog’s sense of smell! Especially our Yummypal’s Luis - he can smell his favourite treat miles away!

There are a lot of dogs who become “sniffer” dogs; they can detect almost anything that humans can’t. They do very well when looking for drugs, body odours, a person’s scent or chemicals. The olfactory area in their brains is much larger than a human, and they are naturally predisposed to detect any smell (with some training as well). These dogs also become assistant dogs who help people with disabilities, where their sense of smell comes in handy too. Before having an assistant dog, Kelly Williams who suffers from epilepsy, couldn’t live independently.

She was offered a service dog called Abby, and her life changed forever. Kelly was finally able to leave home and she even started school again.

“At this moment, my life has completely changed.” She said.

Abby helps Kelly with small, everyday things to make life easier for her and to help her feel more confident. We can only lift our paws and applause!

Source: Canoe

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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