Did you know that octopus mothers were incredible mothers? In this article, we'll share why!

Octopuses are very intelligent creatures with about 500 million neurons. In fact, they are so intelligent that they are capable of opening jars and using tools with their eight tentacles.

The meaning of sacrifice

In addition to being intelligent, octopuses are sensitive creatures. One of the most incredible things about octopuses is that they are willing to sacrifice everything to keep their babies safe. Once their eggs are laid, they stay with their eggs. They cover keep, clean, and monitor them 24 hours a day. Some go without eating for several weeks, even months, to stay close to their eggs. In fact, in 2011, American researchers discovered that a mother octopus had watched over her eggs for four years!

At the cost of their life

However, because they are willing to sacrifice everything, octopus mothers become very thin and weak, making them easy prey for their predators. Underwater fishermen are amongst them. For this reason, during the summer, some parks prohibit octopus fishing. This allows octopuses the time to reproduce.

With that in mind, the fate of a mother octopus, once her eggs have hatched, is to die of exhaustion. Baby octopuses must make learn to live life on their own. Later, they in turn give birth to other little octopuses.

Did you know that octopus mothers were this protective and attached to their eggs?

Source: Rtl.fr

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    Manon P I had no idea that octopuses did that!