Like children, our four-legged friends get bored easily. A new toy will keep them occupied and make it happy for hours! Create your own dog toy in 5 minutes!

You will need:

  •  An empty plastic bottle
  • A pair of scissors
  • A piece of fleece blanket (30x60 cm)



1.First, remove the cap and labels on the bottle. Take your piece of blanket and cut two thin strips out of it on the side of the pitch.

2. Place the bottle along one long side of the cover and then wrap it inside.

3. Once the blanket is wrapped around the bottle tie a knot on each side with the bands you cut a few minutes ago.

4. Then cut the ends of the pole on both sides of the bottle into strips of varying widths (do not cut too far.) Tie the strips together to make several knots. That way the blanket will not break.

Dogs love the sound of plastic bottles, so you can make their favorite toy in just 5 minutes!

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