This cat was set on making the trip from Athens to Switzerland, whatever the cost!

Missing Cat

In Athens, the cat had delayed the take- off of the flight to Switzerland as he was nowhere to be found. Airport staff searched everywhere for the cat on the aircraft, but had no success. After hours of searching, they decided to give the all clear to take- off as there was no danger to the aircraft anymore.

Brave Kitten

Once they had landed in Switzerland, a mechanic was doing a routine maintenance check of the aircraft after the flight. He found the kitten cloistered in the landing gear area, alive and well! This means the kitten had survived -50 degree Celsius weather conditions in the sky.


Touched by this story, a co-pilot of the Athens-Zurich flight wanted to adopt the cat, and named him Oscar Fox. Don’t we all love a story with a happy ending!

Source: 20 Minutes

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