While cats are seen as independent and solitary creatures, a study revealed that they are interested in us when we speak to them in a baby voice.

Our cats understand us, it's been proven!

A study from Paris Nanterre University, published in Animal Cognition on October 25, 2021, revealed that our cats understand us. That is, as long as we address them with a baby voice.

To come to this conclusion, researchers brought together 16 students from Maisons-Alfort Veterinary School in Val-de-Marne to observe the behavior of their cats.

First, the cats listened to recordings of strangers addressing them with a neutral tone. Then, they listened to recordings of their owners addressing them with a baby voice.

Researchers noticed that the cats turned their ears when their owners spoke to them in a baby voice. They also noticed that the cats' pupils dilated. Some cats even stopped grooming themselves and turned towards their humans.

They seem to be less responsive to the voice of strangers

What seemed even more astonishing to ethologists was that it only worked with the cats' humans. When a stranger spoke to them, which was tested during the study, there was no reaction on their part.

To be noticed by a cat, you need to have a strong bond with them. At least, that's what appears to be shown by the results of the study.

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