The famous Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray, saved a dog while on his way to practise one day. The poor labradoodle was seen running along the road when Murray decided to step in.

The Chase

Murray had to stop traffic in Surrey while he chased after the dog; and he succeeded in grabbing the dog’s collar. He phoned the number on the dog’s collar after getting him safely into his car. Luckily this pooch was returned safely to his owner!

“After a bit of a struggle, I managed to get it in the back seat of my car, rang the number on the tag and eventually got the dog back to its owner, safe and sound. Quite what anybody in the passing cars made of it all, I’ve no idea!” Said Murray after the incident.

The Dog Lover

The tennis star is a dog lover himself; he has two border terriers called Rusty and Maggie May. Murray didn’t realise that the dog is friends with his two dogs; they often go on walks together! Talk about coincidence!

Not only is Andy Murray a tennis hero, but he saves lost dogs too!

Source: Telegraph

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