You want the purrfect home for you and your cat….and you certainly don’t want to smell them around the house. So, what’s the secret to a cozy atmosphere? Strategic litter box placement!

How many litter boxes?

The general rule of thumb is that you should have the same number of litter boxes as you do cats, plus one. So If you have two cats, for example, they have several options for their toilet needs.

This might seem excessive, especially if you live in a smaller home, but there is a good reason. You can’t designate a specific litter box for a specific cat, and some cats don’t like sharing, but at the same time they are quite happy to use any that is available.

The reality of this is that cats may refuse to go in a litter box that has just been used by another cat. You can compensate for this issue, at least in part, by keeping the litter boxes clean.

Where should they go?

Here are some tips for where to put your litter boxes:

Out of the way…

Try to avoid walkways, busy rooms and noisy appliances. Your cat needs to feel calm when they do their business! They need to feel safe when they are using their litter box, this is one of the times that they are at their most vulnerable!

…But not too out of the way

At the same time, your cat still needs to access their litter box. This means that it shouldn’t be behind closed doors and preferably not upstairs if you have kittens or old cats.

Divide and conquer

Want to make sure your cats only go where they’re supposed to? Then you’ll need to spread your litter boxes out. If they’re all next to each other, your cats may think of them as one big litter box. This will give you the same problems as if you only had one!

If your home is on the larger side, you may need to put litter boxes on various floors or ends of the house. This will ensure they always have access to their little bathroom when they need it.

The obvious

It might seem evident, but sometimes cat owners put their litter boxes too close to cat food, which is not a good idea. For hygiene reasons, it’s best to keep the two separate! Your cat won’t appreciate it otherwise.

How can I make them less unsightly?

You can think of your cat’s litter box as part of the furniture. These days, litter boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Consider a decorated box for a prettier room, or even one that is disguised as regular furniture! Have a look at our article with ideas for hiding litter boxes for more!

Where do you put your cat’s litterbox?

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