More and more people are adopting ferrets as pets. However, before you decide to adopt a ferret, it is important to weigh the pros and cons because ferrets require special attention.

The pros of adopting a ferret

• Ferrets can live with other animals: These animals can get along easily with cats and dogs and even become playmates. They also can live with other ferrets, provided that you do not put several uncastrated males together. If too many of them are too together, they could fight. It is also important to keep in mind that ferrets are carnivores who would eat rodents, rabbits or birds.

• They are clean animals: With that being said, even when their is a litter box available, there may be a few accidents here and there.

• They are affectionate: Although all ferrets have different personalities, ferrets love to cuddle with their owners, especially if they were adopted young.

• Contrary to what many people think, ferrets are not rodents. They are mustelids like otters and polecats. It's not like adopting a hamster.

The cons of adopting a ferret

•Ferrets need to be trained: To avoid getting bitten by a ferret, it is important to train them. It is recommended to adopt ferrets whie they are still young, around 2 months, so that they can adapt more easily to your rules.

• They are not recommended for children: The ferret is not a patient animal and could bite when they are annoyed.

• Ferrets smell bad: Did you know that the scientific name of this animal, Mustela putorius furo, means "stinky thief"? Its strong smell comes from the secretions of their skin produced by the sebaceous glands. However, females and castrated males smell less strong.

• They require a lot of attention: If they feel abandoned, ferrets can easily become depressed. Remember to let your ferret out of their cage at least 3 hours a day and play with them.

Now you have some information to help you make your choice. Don't forget that you should never adopt a pet without fully understanding what you are commiting yourself to.

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