We know how much dogs can feel things. Our pain, even our illnesses... Dogs can detect things that are invisible to the human eye. Many even know if a woman is pregnant!

Pregnancy can be one of the most important moments in a woman's life. The body changing, the heightened senses, the hormones playing with emotions. To help deal with these things, it is great to have support from our partners, families, friends, doctors and not forgetting...dogs!

Here are five reasons to have a dog during pregnancy.

1. Your dog will be your best "stay positive" ally

Obviously, pregnancy means hormonal changes. Some feelings like fear, stress or anxiety can be enhanced during this period. This will affect the person's mood and the capability to get through the small hassles of everyday life.

Animals, especially dogs, have the capacity to sense if they are standing in front of a woman, man or even a child by simply detecting pheromones that we release. Also, a dog can detect menstrual cycles or pregnancy in women. This is how a dog adapts its behaviour during this period of life at home. They can be more loving, and more protective.

Having a dog during pregnancy will help you to stay positive, to be supported in a different way than by a human, thereby freeing you from certain negative feelings.

Be sure to have some moments of relaxation with your dog. Go for a nap or a walk together. Your body will release endorphins, and you will feel more relaxed as well as giving yourself a sense of well being.

Remember that a positive state of mind will improve your pregnancy and your health, as well as the health of your baby.

Femme enceinte avec son chien

2. Walks for you and your dog!

It is known, and has been proven, that dog owners are more physically active than people without dogs. In fact, going out with your companion every day, in the mornings and evenings, makes you do daily exercise even if it isn't intense. A British study (conducted by the Waltham® Center for Animal Nutrition Research and the University of Liverpool), published in the scientific journal, "PLOS One", identified this increased activity.

For pregnant women, daily walks with your dog will allow you to get some air and stay active. This will reduce the risk of gaining weight and help to avoid complications during the birth.

Daily walks can also help you to stay energetic, improve blood circulation and keep cholesterol well balanced - a positive point for the baby as it will help limit the risks of childhood obesity.

Femme enceinte avec son chien

3. Your dog will always understand you

Have you ever realised that when you were sad, or happy, that it had an impact on the behaviour of your dog? In fact, your dog really does understand you. They can interpret your every move.

As said in the introduction, your dog feels things because of the pheromones that you release. Therefore, it adapts its behaviour and this will intensify during the owner's nine months of pregnancy.

If you live in harmony with your dog, and it has a well defined place in your home, he or she will act as a protector. A lot of people find that the females are very close to their pregnant owner. They usually lie down near the tummy or even rest on it as if they are playing a protective role.

When you are feeling unwell, or depressed, your dog will be there to support you. They show this by sticking to you and following you everywhere, so that they are with you during the difficult times.

Femme enceinte avec son chien

4. Having a dog during pregnancy = company

Even if the people around you will be excited for the arrival of the future baby and you get a lot of visits, sometimes you may still feel lonely. And there is nothing wrong with that!

Maybe you are feeling alone with this pregnancy that you are carrying courageously, or alone physically when the last months turn out to be more or less agitating. During these moments, you will find comfort in being with your dog. They will be there to keep you company, and keep you positive with their gentleness.

Never put your dog aside. They will be there to accompany you and you will be more than happy.

Femme enceinte avec son chien

5. A dog will help the baby

From the baby's first days, your dog is likely to become his or her best friend.

As well as the emotional and social skills that your dog will teach your child, its presence will also improve the baby's health. For example, the presence of a dog with a child can help to reduce allergies and asthma cases by up to 50%.

It will be imperative to integrate your dog into your family life. Do not neglect their presence, otherwise it can lead to a breakdown in trust with them. Make the most of moments together, and help educate your dog on its new life with your baby.

If you ever bump into difficulties, don't hesitate to involve a professional trainer. They will be able to help you understand your dog's body language and restore true harmony in your home.

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Have you ever felt like your pup was acting differently while you were pregnant?

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