Hurricane Florence recently hit North Carolina, causing devastating damage. Some animals found themselves abandoned by their owners who left them to find shelter. Thank goodness this bus driver was there to help them!

The victims of Hurricane Florence

When the arrival of Hurricane Florence was announced in North Carolina, in the United States, many owners found themselves under pressure to leave their homes, including their animals behind.

Thank goodness these animals could count on Tony Alsup and his determination. In the hopes of making himself useful, the 51 year old man travelled nearly 300 kilometres to get to Greenville in North Carolina from Tennessee. Prior to leaving, he had taken out all of the back seats of the bus in order to have as much space as possible.

In the middle of the storm, he went around different overbooked shelters and deserted houses. In less than 48 hours, he had already saved nearly 60 pets and put them in a shelter in Alabama. The animals are being redirected to associations to be given up for adoption.

Since the rescue, Tony has gone to new towns in order to continue saving more animals. He talks more about his adventures on his Facebook page! Go check it out!

Bravo for his bravery!

Source : The Washington Post

Photo credits : Tony Alsup

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