Legislation in Alaska permits pets to be treated as children in the case of a divorce, with the judge pronouncing who the custody of the pet goes to.

The judge can decide the custody of the pet

When a couple divorces, their belongings are divided up, as is custody of any children they may share. However, the system doesn't typically cater for pets. So what happens to the beloved furry friend?

Alaska is the first state in the USA to have adopted measures for pets in case of a divorce.

Since 17 January 2017, tribunals of Alaska began granting custody of pets when their parents divorced. Most US states consider pets as 'belongings'.

garde d'animaux lors de divorce

Shared custody possible for pets

It is not surprising that in many cases, separating couples have difficulty choosing who should keep their furry companion.

Sometimes, one of the individuals may be in a better place to care for the pet, so the judge will award this pet-parent sole custody. In certain cases, couples can decide on arranging shared custody.

A step in the right direction for pets

Unlike children, domestic pets don't require an education, clothing or extra-curricular activities. Nevertheless, they need a good diet, a clean and safe environment, exercise, and love.

This new amendment is a step forward for animal rights. Alaska is asking of its tribunals to take the pet's well-being into consideration when it comes to divorce; for considering the animal as a living being and not simply a 'belonging'.

 What do you think of this new leglisation?

 Source : Iheartdogs

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