A little ginger kitten arrived at a refuge looking positively grouchy, with an expression to rival that of Grumpy Cat. But happiness was waiting just around the corner!

An understandably grumpy, stray kitten

A poor little ginger kitten did not seem very happy about being rescued; her experience with life and humans hadn't been a positive one. But her rescuers at San Jose Animal Care Center were quick to understand and empathise.

So, with lots of love and care, they managed to change this lucky kitten's expression and outlook on life!

chatonne errante

Rough start to life for stray kitten

When Dr. Sharon Ostermann, San Jose Animal Care Center's vet, first met 'kitten grumpy', she very quickly understood why the kitten was in such a bad mood.

The poor little kitten had feline scabies, an illness caused by a tiny mite that would make anyone miserable. Symptoms include numerous scabs, loss of fur, awful itchiness, and a general feeling of discomfort and irritability.

"There is no clearer way to see how miserable scabies can make an animal than seeing the transformation of this one tiny kitten," explained Dr. Ostermann.

"She wouldn't move much. She would sit, with squinted eyes, looking miserable."

And we can understand why!

The transformation of 'kitten grumpy'

As animals are unable to fight scabies themselves, Dr Ostermann and her team began 'kitten grumpy's' treatment.

Within a month, the kitten had transformed from grumpy cat to happy cat, moving about freely and wanting to play with the shelter's staff.

Before and after

chatonne errante

After 'kitten grumpy' had made a full recovery, the next task was to find her a loving, forever home. And it wasn't long before she found herself nestling into her new family, home, and positive experience of life - as it's meant to be!

chatonne errante

We're so happy this little one found a loving family to live happily ever after with!

Source: lovemeow

Images: Dr. Sharon Ostermann

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