Animal cruelty takes place every day and unfortunately we cannot save all of the victims, but when an animal is saved and gets a second chance in life, we celebrate!


Smurf, the 8-week-old kitten, had been dyed purple and had sustained several serious dog bites. The kitten was rescued by the San Jose Animal Care Centre and later taken to Nine Lives, where he could recover.


All For Amusement

“I believe that, for someone’s amusement, this kitten was used as a chew toy for their dog,” said Dr. Monica Rudiger. The kitten would never have survived a dog fight so it must have been for amusement, seeing as the kitten was dyed purple as well.


Second Chances

After his surgery, Smurf is doing much better. He is eating and is very active as well! The kitten will be up for adoption, but only when the purple dye is gone, which could take a few months. What happened to the poor cat is very sad, but Rudiger considers Smurf to be very lucky.

“While we’re grateful that this cat is in good hands now, countless others aren’t so lucky, as PETA’s national cruelty response team knows all too well,” said Lisa Lange, vice president of PETA.


If you know of any animal abuse, please report it to local authorities as soon as possible!


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