Rexie is three years old and has mobility problems in his back legs. But that doesn’t stop him from doing everything he wants, including pulling incredible faces!

Tongue out

Rexie has such an expressive little face that he caught the eye of photographer Dasha Minaeva. She created a photo series of Rexie that really struck a chord with his 80,000 Instagram followers!

The little cat just loves to stick his tongue out! However, he doesn’t do it on command, it takes patience and determination to capture the purrfect photo of this little furry friend. But just look at the fantastic results.

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The pink wheelchair

Despite not being able to use his two back legs, Rexie gets around just fine on his own! He’s a house cat, but gets out and about once or twice a year on a little expedition.

When he’s in the house, Rexie doesn't use his pink wheelchair all the time. On Instagram, his human says he uses it “just a few days a week for several minutes as an exercise for his leg muscles. He likes to walk without the wheels much more.”

Isn't he just the cutest?

Photos : Dasha Minaeva / @rexiecat

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