Many organizations fighting for animal welfare need host families. Maybe you can become one of them?

How does it work?

After choosing the organization that suits you the most, you must apply to become host family. They will check you can provide the pets the space, time and love they need. In fact you must be home most of the day to be able to deal with the newcomer and take good care of them. Note that although the veterinary costs are in most cases paid by the organizations, food and equipment (toys, beds, etc...) are yours to buy. Then you define with the association which animal profile suits you best and the adventure can begin!


The role of host family

A good host family must already  have experience with animals as these pets could be traumatized or poorly / not educated. Thus it happens that host families takes care of animals which are ​​fearful or aggressive, or who will mistreat the furniture ... You must therefore constantly reassure them, try to make contact and sometimes go to regular appointment with a veterinarian. The important thing to understand is that becoming a host family means taking care of animals in trouble and make them, thanks to our care, suitable for adoption. Host families are also often responsible for socializing young animals, and taking care of "babies" until they are old enough and enough educated to be adopted.

Becoming a host family is a very rewarding experience but you must be prepared that a family will come to adopt the animal you have taken care of for weeks and therefore to say goodbye. This was the purpose of the maneuver and (unfortunately) there will always be new companions in distress to welcome!

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