In the garden or on the balcony, daily or for a holiday, your cat always is happy to scratch the ground, chew a blade of grass, or transform a tree trunk into a nail salon.

A fascinating plant

Being a strict carnivore does not prevent your cat from loving plants! Look at the king of cats, his Majesty the Lion: the first thing he enjoys on their prey is the womb, filled with a delicious mix of pre-digested seeds and herbs. When a cat eats a mouse they behave identically: they start with the viscera.

The pleasure of scratching

From their first weeks of life, kittens hear and see their mother scratching litter, behavior that they learn very quickly. When they have the chance to discover the joys of going outside, nothing will make them happier than to scratch in the sand, sandy soil or better, where you have just dug the earth.

Indeed it delights our cats to see us adopt their behavior, scratching, digging, sprinkling a little water and covering... Have you noticed how they seem happy to see us finally as Cat?!  If you really want to make them happy, garden with them.

Feline garden

For cats who love catnip, or Nepeta cataria, you may never see it grow - it's the price of success! As soon as the plant grows, it exhales its irresistible fragrance that makes your cat chew. If you really want to see the color of the flowers or take the seed, it will be essential to protect your plants with netting. Collect the leaves that you can dry, then to put in small bags that will delight your cat in the winter.

Catnip belongs to the family Labiatae , which cats love; thyme, rosemary, mint , lemon balm are worthy representatives. Some of these plants also attract bees, that your cat does not always distinguished from its cousin the wasp, whose sting can cause damage. Be vigilant in the summer.

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