Brushing your dog must be a moment of complicity between you and your furry companion, but some dogs don't like to be pampered.

Read our advice to get your dog to accept the brushing.

Through the eyes of our pets, the brush might look like a torture instrument and thus, scare them. But brushing your dog is absolutely necessary, especially if you have a long haired dog. When your animal accepts them, brushing sessions are actually really enjoyable for both of you. They will feel much better without any tangles or dead hairs.

The best thing is to get your dog used to the brush when they're still a puppy. The goal is to make your dog understand that brushes are inoffensive and safe.

Remember, you must choose a brush that fits your dog fur's needs.

Educate your dog to accept brushing

If in spite of your efforts, your dog really doesn't like to be brushed, you can use positive reinforcement. You must proceed little by little. At the beginning, have the brush only touch your dog, and reward them. Then, brush them just once and reward them. The goal is to be able to completely brush your pet and reward them only when you are done.

Some young dogs tend to attack the brush and to play with it. You must start by calming your pet down before brushing them: have them lay down on the floor and brush them smoothly. You can brush them when he's tired and about to sleep so that they'll stay calm.

You must also be relaxed and calm when you are brushing you pet. If you are nervous, your dog will feel it and you will both have an unpleasant time.

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