Dogs are very clever beings and quickly learn many tricks and commands! While this can help with discipline it can also be fun and educational for children and visitors. Here are a few tricks and commands by DoggieBuddy for your pooch! 

The first important trick for your dog is to learn to respond to a clicker. A clicker typically becomes the foundation for other tricks following this.

Your dog will learn to associate the clicking sound with a treat. The first step is to click and then give your dog a (very small) treat, repeating this about thirty times. This will encourage the association between click and treat. It is important to always give your dog a treat after a click, so this connection won’t be broken.

How to sit: 

This is the simplest of the tricks a dog can learn. Wait until your dog sits down in front of you, then click and give them a treat. When they sit again say the word “sit” clearly, then click and give them a treat. Repeat this several times until they learn to sit when you say “sit”.


How to high five or shake paws: 

This is an fun trick for your dog to learn to greet visitors! Have your dog sit in front of you and then when he lifts his paw, click and give him a treat. Wait for him to offer his paw, then click and give a treat. If your dog does not offer a paw, demonstrate yourself and then encourage gently with your finger. Choose a word, for example ‘paw’ or ‘high five’, and say this word every time they lift their paw. Repeat this at least five times.


How to roll over: 

This well-known dog trick is a bit more difficult than the others, and needs a bit more encouragement. Start with having your dog lay down; tempt him with a treat to move over to one side. Click and give a treat. The next step is to lure him to lie on his back which could take some time! When your dog does this, click and give a treat. Continue to use the lure to get him to roll all the way over. When he does this, willingly stop using the lure and praise him when he gets it right. Once your dog does this smoothly, use the verbal command “roll over”. Always praise and give a treat when they do this well!


What tricks have you taught your dog?

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