Cats are independent animals. While they can be clingy at times, they enjoy their freedom and solitude. However, when it comes to bedtime, our little feline friends love to sleep with us in bed. Have you ever wondered why? We can answer that for you!

Although cats are crepuscular animals, meaning that they are at their most active between dusk and dawn, the average cat spends nearly three-quarters of their day sleeping. While they typically nap in the day and are more active at night, their circadian rhythm can sometimes adjust to our own. If your bond with them is strong enough, their sleeping schedule could start to match up with yours in order to fully take advantage of the time that they have with you.

The coziest of cots

Because cats spend most of their day sleeping, they know where all the comfortable sleeping spots are. The fluffy pillows, the soft blankets, and the coziness of a bed - it is just as irresistible for our cats as it is for us.

When you sleep, you fill your bed with the warmth of your body and your calm presence reassures your feline. If you are particularly sensitive to the cold, these little furballs make the best radiators. They love to snuggle up to you and feel the heat that your body emits. Sometimes they'll even take a snooze on top of your head because most of our body heat escapes from this part of the body. Who could blame them?

Cute smiling happy cat lying on the man's shoulder.

Safe and secure

Moreover, this physical proximity is soothing to your cat. Being alone in the dark at night while you sleep in the next room can make some cats feel vulnerable. In the wild, cats needed to feel secure and protected because they were prey to many larger mammals. Coming to visit you is their way of making sure you're still there and that you are still safe.

It works the other way around as well. Your cat's purring and cuddles reduce your stress. Studies have even shown that purr therapy can help to calm the mind and make you happier.

Whose bed is it really?

Cats are very territorial creatures. As much as we'd like to believe the bed is ours, in our cat's opinion we are sleeping in their bed. We are the ones choosing to sleep with them.

But does it really matter in the end? It's amazing to wake up to these little cuties. What could be more adorable than waking up next to a soft, cuddly ball of fur? It's the best way to start your day off right.

cat laying in bed with girl

Sleeping with your cat: pros and cons

The majority of cat owners let their cat sleep with them. But is it healthy? Is it unhygienic?

Allowing your cat to sleep with you is a personal decision. Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide.


  • You and your cat can share body heat.
  • It represents a stronger bond between you and your cat because even though they are very independent animals, they are showing you affection.
  • Cats will nag you until you wake up, making them the most reliable alarm clocks ever.
  • Cuddling with cats reduces stress.
  • Cats are cute when they sleep. For that reason alone, sleeping with your cat is a good idea.


  • Cats are crepuscular animals and therefore do not share the same sleeping patterns as us. While we are in deep sleep, our cat may be full of energy and want to play.
  • It is not always safe for cats to sleep with babies because they could suffocate or bite the baby when startled.
  • Allowing cats to sleep in our beds can promote dominance. They believe it is their territory and can become aggressive when they feel like their boundaries are being crossed by strangers.
  • If your cat is an outdoor cat, they can bring parasites or bacteria with them into the bed.

Do you allow your cat to sleep with you?

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    Jenny Lynn B Both my boys sleep with me every night, all I have to do is say night night time and they race me to my room into bed!