When a new pet arrives in the family, leaving it to sleep alone is very difficult, especially when you have kids. A kitten or a puppy maybe start to cry, and scratch on the bedroom doors... It's so hard to resist, and some just don't! But is it okay for your pet to sleep in your bed?


Once a dog has their own bed, they should not bother you at night. A dog likes routine and needs it to feel safe and find their place within the family.

However, if you decide to sleep with your dog, make sure that the dog is healthy and up-to-date on all shots so that there are no health risks involved. But people who suffer from pet allergies or asthma should not sleep with their dog or even allow them in the bedroom.



Unlike dogs, cats do not like sleeping in a bed at ground level, and it is very hard to teach a cat to only sleep in one place. Cats like dark warm places where they will not be disturbed in their sleep.

Sleeping with your cat does not involve any risks to your health, as a healthy cat can not transmit any diseases.



If you don't want your pet to sleep in your room, close your bedroom's door, and stay consistent, because your pet will not understand if they are allowed in your bed one day, and not the next.

Sharing your bed with your pet can disturb your sleep by snoring, kicking or cover-hogging!

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    Warren T Our two Ocicat girls both sleep with us every night, their choice, they have free run of the house. We are so fortunate that unlike many cats, once ours are in bed for the night, they sleep until we wake up in the morning. They never wake us up in the morning, and are just absolute joys in so many ways. We would actually miss them if they slept anywhere else, we find their presence kind of comforting.