The smallest change in a cat's environment can disrupt its habits and send it into a period of stress.

Stressed cats are not happy cats. When cats are stressed, they can lose their appetite or their desire to play. Cats can even develop hormones that can weaken their immune system. In this article, we will go over a few causes of stress in cats and what you can do to calm down your cat.

How does stress affect cats?

When cats are stressed, their behavior can change completely. For example, some cats become much less affectionate than they usually are. Some become very fickle. It is even possible for stressed cats to harm themselves. Out of their unhappiness, they might feel the need to scratch themselves or bite themselves—sometimes to the point of causing themselves to bleed.

Just like humans can get psoriasis or eczema when they are stressed, cats can experience reactions that affect their skin. These reactions cause them to itch themselves severely.

Causes of stress in cats

Cats can get stressed for a variety of reasons. For example, cats can be more stressed naturally because of their genetics.

In addition, disruptions to their daily life, such as the arrival of a newborn baby, can also affect their well-being. They might notice changes in their environment and that they are getting less attention.

Apartment cats can also experience anxiety attacks and stress. As they are used to the comfort of their apartment, the outside world can feel unknown to them. A change in their environment, loud noises, or unknown objects can affect their stress levels.

How do I calm down my stressed cat?

To begin with, it is important to identify the source of your cat's stress. By determining where your cat's stress is coming from, you are making it easier to help them feel better.

Give them as much attention as possible so that they feel more comfortable. It is important to provide them with good meals, such as a sufficient amount of kibble and water. Did you know that there are types of kibble that are anti-stress and that there are pheromone diffusers that can help your cat feel better.

You can also provide your cat with toys such as cat towers, cat trees, or balls to keep them stimulated and encourage them to be active again.

Do not hesitate to consult your vet to make sure your cat is not hiding any diseases. They'll advise you on the steps to take, and any necessary treatments.

Originally written by Juliette Bontemps (Yummypets) in French and translated by Jennifer Eubank (Yummypets).

How do you comfort your cat when they are stressed?

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