The cold is often synonymous with mittens, scarf , hat, big fur boots and runny nose, but it is also important to think about protecting your adorable pets.

Generally, animals are more willing to endure the cold than humans. However, extreme temperatures can disrupt their well being. You should know that short-haired cats that are more sensitive to cold a well as puppies and older dogs.

Here are some tips to protect them:

Dress up your pet: boots, coats, hats... Everything is good to protect small paws in the snow and avoid frostbite and burns. And no, your pet will not look ridiculous.

Reduce time outside: your pet will always be better at home, playing by the fireplace!

Take care of your pet after each walk: Clean its footpads with a damp warm cloth.

And you ? Do you have any other advice or tips for us ?

Source: Canoe
Photo Credit : France 2

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