Wanting to go on a traveling adventure with your pup? Here are five tips to help ensure your holiday with your little best friend is one you'll never forget.

Research your destination

Before embarking on your holiday, do some research and make sure that all your destinations are dog friendly. The last thing you'll want is to be left out in the cold with an unhappy pup.

Take some familiar toys

Strange places and constant traveling can be stressful for a young pup. Help them acclimatise to their new locations by packing a few favourite toy or cuddly blanket. This can help calm their nerves and make settling in a lot easier.

Get your check-ups done

Nobody wants to get sick on the road, and your pup sure won't want that either (neither will you!). Before leaving on your trip make sure your pup's up to date with their check-ups and that you have a healthy little traveller ready for adventure. You will also want to pack a few medical necessities in your bag just in case the little one does pick up a bug on your travels or gets a bout of car sickness.

 5-tips-when-traveling-with-your-pup-2019Comfort is key

If you are traveling long distances by car make sure that your puppy has the best (and safest) seat in the house. Investigate car traveling options, and include a soft blanket to provide extra comfort. Also keep in mind the intensity of the sun. A sun shade will help keep them as happy as can be. Stopping frequently for bathroom breaks and water fill-ups are also a must. Remember to travel with a large bottle of water and doggy treats, and traveling with your bestie should be a breeze.

Have fun!

Traveling is all about having fun and making memories. It is true that there is a lot to consider when traveling with your puppy and at times it may feel more tedious than worthwhile. But at the end of the day, you're traveling with your best friend so make every moment special and take as many photos and videos as you can!

What are your tips for traveling with your pup?


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    YummyOrNot Y I am bring my dog on a airplane to move too Seattle and she is a emotional support dog and she will feel beter with these tips great tips

    Chewy Y Great to hear! ☺