It might sound simple but keeping our pets in good health is something to consider on a daily basis. Lucy Ross, head of training at Pets Corner LTD, shares some tips to help owners take care of their furry friends and keep them healthy.

Healthy pets: keep them out of the cold

It is important that your dog is sheltered from the cold. Dogs that live outside will acclimatise during the colder months and build up a warm thick coat.

"Animals should not be brought inside for the night and put out again during the day as this may cause them to moult – causing them stress and making them vulnerable to the cold," says Lucy.

Healthy pets: diet is key

Many people give their pets ‘human’ food as a treat, but these foods are too high in fat and can be toxic to animals.

Lucy says, "Cooked bones are often mistaken as a healthy treat to give cats and dogs. When given in their cooked state bones have a reduced moisture content and become brittle and can splinter harshly."

She goes on to say that raw bones are safer to give your pets since they have a different molecular structure to cooked bones that allow flexibility. They also provide essential fats and vitamins that keep your pets healthy.

Healthy pets: treat intake should be balanced

Over 68 percent of pet owners in the UK don’t follow professional guidelines for portion sizes. An increase in weight can shorten your beloved pet’s life, and is very dangerous to their health.

"Small dogs have a much higher energy requirement due to their higher ratio of surface area to body weight and therefore require a high calorie content food. Feeding should be balanced with regular exercise, therefore adult pooches should have at least 30 minutes of exercise every day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle," Lucy advises.

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