Cats can be a little, let's say, peculiar sometimes. But mostly they're just funny! It's so interesting to try and learn about how they behave and why they do certain things. Especially when it comes to sleep!

So for today's question, 'Why does my cat sleep in weird places?', we'll look to explain why.

Let's take a look!

Cats and napping

Compared to humans, cats sleep a lot more (about 16 hours per day in fact!), seeming to be most active at dusk. However, activeness can happen at any time of day or night, depending on their routine and that of their pet parent. The rest of the time is used for playing or resting, particularly for domestic cats as they don't need to hunt in order to feed themselves.

When your cat chooses a place to sleep, they take into consideration numerous risk factors within their environment, just like they would in nature. This is why cats sleep in unconventional spots, unlike humans!

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Natural reflexes

In the wild, cats need to know what's going on around them at all times, particularly when they are vulnerable. Living in the wild means being constantly aware of danger, which is why your cat may appear to overreact to certain sounds, movements or objects. Remember, cats have the reflexes of predators. It's in their genes to be on alert, even if they are highly domesticated.

As you know, cats spend a lot of time asleep, so they may as well choose a convenient spot to rest in so as not to move too often. They also choose their place according to their ability to defend themselves or to escape quickly.

You might think that this doesn't apply to your sooky, totally relaxed, indoor fur friend, which is possibly true in some circumstances. But remember, their instincts are always working away behind the scenes even if they live a life of comfort and indulgence.

So, this is why you might find your cat sleeping in a rather odd spot. Their instinctive aim is to be able to defend themselves at all times.

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Hiding places

Sometimes, cats like to feel hidden. In this case, they will choose a spot with only one entrance. That way, they know that they only have one spot to survey rather than 360° around them.

This is why cats sometimes like to sleep in closets, cardboard boxes and yes, if small enough, even in shoes. Being in a cardboard box makes them feel safer because they don't have to watch their back. They can concentrate less, and therefore sleep more easily.

Yes it's true, some cats give the impression of taking their nap literally anywhere. But they will always stay in an area where they go often, as this forms part of their territory. There is also the possibility that they chose that spot for it's strategic location - in a way that we poor humans will never be able to understand.

Oh how the mighty cat outsmarts us yet again!

Source: iheartcats

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