Choosing your dog's name isn't easy. Even if your dog is KC registered, naming your dog is entirely up to you. But most important is that your dog should be able to recognize their name.

Some tips for choosing your dog's name

The rules for dog names are much more flexible than for newborns. So you can indulge in some fantasies, but one should keep in mind that it is also a reflection of your tastes, preferences and the basic attitude and character of your dog

Dogs clearly hear only two syllables. So don't choose a name that is too long or your dog may not recognize it.

Choose easy-to-pronounce sounds. Everyone in the family should be able to call your dog, and children should be able to pronounce it as well as you.

You can choose a name based on their size. You might like to have a sweet name for small animals (Petal, Dougie...) and a tougher name for large dogs (Rex , Crash...)

You could choose your dog's name based on their sex. You might want to maintain consistency between your dog's name and gender.

Choose their name based on their character. Even if you aren't sure what your puppy's character will be once grown, maybe their breed can give you some indications.

If the name you have chosen is too long, but you don't want to change it, or if the breeder has chosen a long name, just think of a nice nickname to call your dog.

What's is your dog's name? Let us know what their name is and why in the comments below! 

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