You have thought about it a lot and today, you are finally ready to adopt a ferret. Discover our advices so that you can choose your ferret wisely.

Male of female?

If you consider neutering your ferret, the most important differences between male and female ferrets are morphologic appearances. Males are bigger than females and their snout is larger. Plus, males are generally more affectionate than females who generally are more independent and dynamic.

If you are planning to move around with your ferret a lot, females are easier to carry in pet travel cases.

Whether you choose to adopt a male or a female, you must neuter your ferret to avoid health issues and odor problems during the male's rutting period. The surgery to neuter female ferrets is more expensive than for males.

Is my ferret in good health?

Before you adopt a ferret, make sure that they are in good health! When you take them out of their cage, they must be energetic and sniff everything!

Plus, their coat must be shinny and without any scabs. Their eyes, snout, teeth and anus must be clean.

Photo credit : Yummypets

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