Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just like the occasional Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte, you’ll love what this café in Taiwan has been up to.

My Cofi has found a way to personalise cappuccinos with pictures of your pet! It's coffee art with a difference.

Hand painted photos

Using a variety of techniques, artists are able to turn foam into portraits from photos given to them by customers. Some are very life-like!

They don't only craft pets though. While dogs, cats, and humans were popular with the public, the café even decided to hand paint a cockroach onto one of their cups of coffee.

But the 3d reconstruction wasn’t to everyone’s taste!

Unfortunately, this was done for an exhibition, and, presumably due to time constraints, isn’t always available.

Customers seemed to love the idea though and the café is a big hit!

Source:the dodo

Photo credit: My Cofi

Would you like your pet’s photo turned into coffee art?

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