The Blue Cross Pet Parade: For a 100 years, Blue Cross has been dedicated to the health and happiness of pets.


Funded entirely by public donations, Blue Cross has teamed up with Digital, giving to launch Pet Parade, to raise funds and help animals in need!

Pet Parade is a very cool app, for dogs, cats or bunnies with star power! The app is free and allows pet owners to dress up their pets virtually! Because, some just don't appreciate being dressed up in costumes...

It's very simple to use, simply upload your pet's pic, and let your creative impulse go WILD! Choose from hundreds of accessories and share your creations on an online carnival parade!

Pixel really has some bling!


The pet with the most votes - and money raised- will be crowned the Blue Cross Pet Parade Carnival King, or Queen in the inaugural Easter 2014 Pet Parade!

Money is raised for Blue Cross when votes are cast via a pet’s own Just Giving page. 

The Pet Parade starts today and ends on the 9th of March, 2014, so hurry up and download the app to raise money for animals in need in a fun way!

The parade via the website 

Download on Google Play

Download on iOS

And don't forget to check out the Pet Parade FacebookTwitter (@BCPetParade) and Pinterest!

Images: Blue Cross

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