Medical research of the human brain has always been a major challenge for many years. However, several researchers are particularly interested in dog’s brains, which are very similar to a human brain.


There are many similarities between a dog’s brain and a human brain. The part of the brain which registers the voice has been found to be very similar as well as behaviour shown. This includes; communication, socializing and bonding. These similarities could help researchers learn more about the human brain by studying a dog.


This research is also important for studies of the relationship between animals and humans. Thanks to new technology, researchers can support their work through magnetic resonance imaging and analyse how animals and humans react to the same stimuli.


These results can tell us a lot about animals and humans, and it will be interesting to see whether these similarities come from the same environment or are shared by all kinds of mammals, meaning that we are not so different from our pets after all!

In addition to being man’s best friend, the dog has now become the researcher’s best friend as well!

Source: LeVif

Photo: Pixabay


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