Peggy Tabachka had already started mourning the loss of her dear cat, Boo, when the unthinkable happened...

We all know how important our pets are to us, so you can only imagine what pain Peggy was going through when she couldn't find dear old Boo.

Giving up on Boo

When out looking for Boo and almost giving up, she heard a weak meow from under the paving near her swimming pool. Peggy then realised that she needed to pull out all the stops to save her sweet animal.

Calling on the Community 

Tabacka called on friends, family and co-workers to help her smash through the concrete to get to her Boo. The mammoth community effort took two days and eventually they managed to free Boo.

Albeit weak, Boo was now safe in the arms of her best friend, Tabachka, who was prepared to dig the pool up to make certain that she freed her sweet Boo.

This is the kind of animal love that we all understand. To what lengths would you go to save your pet?

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