When Judy Obregon found a loving home for this rescue dog, she thought she would never see him at her shelter again. Unfortunately she was wrong.

Abandoned again

When Judy got a call to say that Benji, a dog she adopted out to a young couple four years ago, had been dropped off at the Humane Society of North Texas, her heart broke. The shelter had found her through Benji’s microchip, as his owners had never reregistered him. He was still registered to her shelter in Fort Worth, Texas.

Judy is the founder of The Abandoned Ones "Saving Animals in Danger". She’d saved Benji in 2012 when she saw him running down a busy highway. Benji had duct tape embedded in his fur.

Contractual obligations

Her shelter took care of him and then he was adopted. "Our contract states we are to be contacted if they can no longer care for the animal," says Obregon. "It's not only in the contract that they sign, but it is also verbally stated by me or by whoever [from her organization] does the home visit."


That is why it came as such a shock that the couple would abandon Benji at another shelter, in the cold. When she saw Benji again after four years, he looked defeated.

"I wish that the owners surrendering their animals could see what happens after they leave the shelter, because I saw it that day," says Obregon. "Animals are not disposable. They have feelings. When I called his name he barely lifted his head. He shook because he was so afraid. Benji, it's me," she said. "I'm here to rescue you again, and I'm taking you home."


Benji recognised her and his eyes widened. It was then that she decided to take him home then and there. But by the time she'd left the HSNT facility, a foster had stepped up to take Benji. He is doing well and is surrounded by love at his new foster home.

Looking for a forever home

"Like with any rescue, we just never know, but in this case we're going to find a home that truly fits him," she said. "We're not rushing his adoption."

If you would like to give Benji a loving, permanent home, please contact taoanimalrescue.com.

Source : thedodo


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    Cat & Dog L That is so sad.

    Moira M God bless you for saving him it is shocking what some people do there is no need I hope he gets a safe and kind forever home soon thank you for caring.